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This guy thinks I am cheating

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    hapless_fool wrote:

    No one ever accuses me of cheating

    I know what you mean. I play such stupid moves that I never get accused of cheating, either.

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    I just got accused of cheating! I'm so proud!

    The funny thing is I dropped my queen due to a bonehead play, but hoped to get it back, which I did. Very gratifying.

    Rather than get in an argument over it, I sent the opponent a good sportsmanship trophy. I'm sure he'll treasure it.

    But if someone thinks I'm using a computer to generate my random moves, the computer would surely be a Commodore 64 powered by hamsters running around on a little wheel next to it.

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    my stupid no my god gg

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    Sinclair C5 man.

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    I really want a hamster powered computer now! Frown

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    how is cheating good??


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