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Update for Chess.com mobile app is broken

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    I'm amazed that I haven't seen anything on this site about the debacle with the chess.com mobile app. After upgrading you get nothing but a black screen with a jumble of text in the upper left hand corner. There is no way to play live chess conveniently. There's a technical term for this: disaster. It would be nice if someone "in charge" would at least make statement as to how long it's going to take before this "update" is fixed.

    Maybe it's a sign from the gods that I was spending too much time with it. 

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    No cry brother.

    Chess.com staff is doing a great job.

    I bet they'd fix your issue.

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    I'm having the exact same problem they really need to do something about this

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    Same problem here

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    Any progress?? I want to play!

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    Looks like they have an update to the update now.


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