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What does mean, when a player refuse to rematch ?

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    The logic at the start is simple. If the rematch is more important than the game, then you are playing the wrong game. Time to move on to something closer to kindergarten level.

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    I think we're looking at this from different perspectives. You seem to be indicating that the player starts a game knowing they will ask for a rematch. I'm looking at it from the perspective of a player who has lost and wants a chance at redemption. Presumably at the start of a game, unless the players are woefully mismatched, no one can be sure of its outcome; therefore, only until things look bleak would someone start considering asking for a rematch. I'm guessing it is more customary for the loser to ask for a rematch; I could be wrong. If you believe you'll win, you wouldn't be considering a rematch.

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    If you believe you'll win, beat them in the first game. Then move on.

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     Oh by the way - this thread was dragged up because of comments like this...

      .  [ This was directed at player "emjayar"  ]

    Feb 10, 2017
    he won 1st game because I lost connection. I thrashed him second game, No rematch. WEAK
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    it means u don't know what is going on

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    Dingtoo wrote:


    If you believe you'll win, beat them in the first game. Then move on.

    yes u write
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    I know why people refuse rematches. I refuse and accept rematches with various reasons. Here are some:

    1. They don't like to play with you.

    2. They don't like your style of play.

    3. They think you're too easy or too tough.

    4. They want to play with more people to broaden their game knowledge.

    5. They just don't have time.

    Think about it. Online chess is like sex. Sometimes it's just a hookup with a stranger and you will never meet again (no rematch). Sometimes you feel it's interesting and you two come back for more (rematches, and maybe add friend).

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    Sa_Daneshvar wrote:

    I just want to get your point of view about this situation.

    What does mean, when a player refuses to rematch on rated game ?

    I ask this question because 97% of players on chess.com refuse to rematch.

    So what does at mean ?

    It means they don't want to to play another game of chess with you.

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    I played some rematches, sometimes I win the rematch, sometimes I loose. But I can’t always rematch or want to... things happen and I can’t play or maybe I am tired or I got work... so time to stop playing. 

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    m_connors wrote  Unlike Dingtoo I am not prescient, so my logical mind would have no indication if a person I have just met would want a rematch before we even played a first game.    - - - This is a typical "man of science" reply, he switched away from what i wrote to make a new statement that was entirely irrelevant.  Dingtoo wrote "rematch or no rematch"  that means either one - which does NOT require prescience.

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    I am never going to accept a rematch now after what happened to me on Friday when I did, and chess.com has still not done anything about it.

    Hard to lose 2 games of blitz to a player in the 1300s who plays more like a 3000 ranked player in those games having played to his normal strength in the first game, and against many others too.

    And it's a numbers game here, so someone is allowed one or two "perfect" games.


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    Thanks to everyone for giving your view on this topic. Good luck in all your games..  NW

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    A lot of my opponents refuse to rematch.....more than at any other site. Perhaps they get a kick out of drive-by wins (I play mostly speed chess) and revel in the warm knowledge of your distress over losing. Perhaps it takes too long to reset the assisting app on their iPhone.
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    Your mind is in fairy dairy land - not a good place for chess player.


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    Some of the players start the game on the wrong tactic, as the game goes on, they get in deeper difficulties and then they decide all of a sudden to resign, straight away after that, they ask you for a rematch, that is not fair, keep on playing until you lose or even  win and then ask for a rematch if you consider you might have any chance. I have been offered 3 times a chance for a rematch although I lost the 3 of them but very tight, meaning the guy enjoyed the game he was playing against me.

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    Thanks Kalkafura - The rematch is a great idea ... 

        (as long as both players are interested) ...


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