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Why did I lose this game due to inactivity? (see picture)

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    I was playing a game where I was ahead. The other player didn't make a move for about 5 minutes, then I said white won (opponent) due to inactivity. I was the waiting for them to move. What gives?


    Screen grab seen here http://imgur.com/zDRYfQw

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    Yeah, we get a lot of that around here, and this is chess.com's stock answer:

    It's actually pretty accurate although they don't mention temporary disconnects which seem to be the source of many of the problems.  When your opponent is taking a suspiciously long time to move, it's a good idea to refresh the page, just in case he moved and you didn't get it.  And yes, WIFI connections are less stable than ethernet.  and here's the article:


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    Ah, I see. Thank you for the answer!


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