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2-Movers Collection - Puzzle 95

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    Hello everyone. Here is one of my harder puzzles Cool.

    This is a mate in 3, and I like this one very much!!

    Good luck!!

                               White mates in 3

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    1. Nc8 Ke4 (e4 Rc5#) 2. Rd7 Kf5 3. Nd6#

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    Couldn't agree anymore. Why does someone in Europe or Asia always get these...

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    ha ha ha

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    Congratulations MaartenSmit. You've got the right answer. 1.Nc8! leads to a mate in 3!!.

    Haha y2721, sorry for that. I should post my puzzle right now, so you also have a chance to solve it Cool. Well I am going to start composing a new puzzle Laughing.

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    My first intention was Nd5, which doesn't work after e4 or Ke4, but incidentally there's the beautiful 1. Nd5 Kxe6 2. Nc3+ Kd6 3. Nxb5# :)

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    well done maartenSmit


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