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2-Movers Collection - WCCT Challenge

  • #21

    Sorry Shoopi. 1.Bc2 is almost correct and to every move black does, white follows with mate. However, black can defend this with: 1.Gf1!!.

    But thank you for trying Laughing.

    ~~ Adriandmen ~~

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    Haha I see now, 1... Gf1 breaks communication with the rook, allowing the g1 knight to be captured.


    Hmm, I don't seem to find a defence for black against the straight-forward 1. Bxb1 though. The threat is 2. Ge4#, if 1... Rxg4 2. Gxh3# or 1... Gd5 2. Nf2#. Am I missing something?

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    For the fairy mate in 2:Bxb1 threatening Ge4# and Nf3#

    Is this the answer?

    Edit:Looks like shoopi got it before me

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    Now you have it shoopi and Frankwho1.Bxb1 is the answer. Threadning 2.Ge4#, 2.Nf2#, 2.Gc6# and 2.Gxh3# and.

    Congratulations for both of you. This was a very hard puzzle so good job.

    Stay tuned for more puzzles

    ~~ Adriandmen ~~

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    Thank you all for responding on this topic. Leave comments if you like or suggestions.


    ~~ Adriandmen ~~


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