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30 move Jerk Puzzle

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    Ok so you're going to win, your opponent should have resigned, but instead insults you in chat and tries to waste your time. Try to be a bigger jerk before getting bored of it in 30 moves. This is serious Chess.com training, you will need to know how to play this stuff on this site... Trust me Innocent

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    Why not mate in 1 with b8=Q# or b8=R#?

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    Rg7 KxR b8=N Cool


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    coolthing wrote:

    Why not mate in 1 with b8=Q# or b8=R#?

    That would kind of defeat the point of the puzzle. Read the first post...

    Boris gets it Smile

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    Time is finished and your move is not considered (out of time).Laughing


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