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Amazing (impractical) Problem

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    From a video by Roman Dzindzichashvili


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    This one is perhaps a bit more practical (and easier to solve).

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    Now I'm just going to fill this with problems I like...

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    Grow up.

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    Perhaps you should have read the title and not visited then? The only reason you clicked it was because I said that your other puzzle had multiple good solutions.

    Anyway you're blocked because I don't want your useless spam on my threads.

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    That was cool. How in the world could a set up like that ever happen come to be Smile

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    Why not promote to a queen?

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    If promotes to a queen (assuming you're talking about post #8) white loses to Rg4+, which forks the king and queen, after which it becomes either a stalemate after either Qxg4 or Bxg4 as the Black king can't move to h5 and the pawn can't move, where as if it is a rook, then Rxg4 allows Kh5, so not a stalemate.

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    @Lanky_9 Thanks! Smile I understand now. 

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    From TT, I actually think this one is quite useful:

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    Scottrf wrote:

    From TT, I actually think this one is quite useful:



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    Yeah draw, black can't promote because of checks/the threat of checkmate.


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