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Can you figure out this puzzle without help I BET YOU CANT!!

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    5...Kd6 1/2-1/2

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    gads that line does not work please check it before posting it

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    someone have an engine to check it?

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  • #47

    i guess no one

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    Engine checked with tablebases.

    There is a way for white to win, a pretty obvious one actually, employing a very basic tactic, but the line given in gads' post 41 is definitely wrong.  White's first move changes the win to a draw.

    9...Nc5+ loses.  Instead, the draw is still there with 9...Nb6, 9...Kd8 or 9...Nb8.

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    Pretty easy. I solved it WITHOUT help.

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    If you are inferring that I needed help,... I think you missed posts 43-49.  I posted this becuase 335 kept asking for it... an analysis of post 41.

    Just sayin'... in case :-)

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    thx borg!

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    No problem.

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    Seriously?  Try solving these problems:  http://tsumego.tasuki.org/  Try to solve these life and death problems(yes that is what they are called) from 1347 AD, mainland China, for Go game, Wei-Chi.  Xuan Xuan Qi Jing is the problem set.  I solved your "unsolvable" problem in first try, not hard, but Im used to solving problems that dont have any answers, such as the link above.  Enjoy!!!

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    Yay, let's try to solve problems that don't have any answers!!  That sounds like a great time investment ^_^

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    Solve in one attempt.

  • #58

    no you didnt

  • #59

    it is really easy anyone can do it

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    Interesting comment.  So anyone huh?  Even if they had a zero rating?  A 3 year old?  What about a mentally challenged person?  Might be a bit of an exaggeration don't you think Simon?


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