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Can you solve this mate in 3?

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    Hello everyone. Here is one of my harder mate in 3's. I like the theme of this puzzle, Happy solving!:

                                White mates in 3

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    Ha, that's great. Of course, going for setup similar to the last puzzle doesn't work (1. Kd6 a5 2. Bd4 Kxd4 3. Rf4+? gxf4).


    However, the different pawn structure also allows for a new setup all together. This theme is quite common in mates in 3 involving a rook and a bishop, I think Smile


    Here's a hint if you're having trouble:

    f4 looks like a likely mating square, but if the rook checks from there it can be captured by a pawn. Is there any way around that?

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    Yes, there have only been about 100,000 problems with the Indian theme. :)

    Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Meyer
    621 Boy's Own Paper 1903

    Mate in 3
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    Another old favorite with this theme:

    William A. Shinkman
    Western Advertiser 1872

    Mate in 4

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    Nice! and I also found this mate in 3, which is extremely similar to the OP:


















    We're kind of cluttering this thread with stuff now Tongue Out These puzzles can be great, I remember not being able to solve most of them once upon a time. Today I usually recognize such ooportunities =)

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    shoopi!r u ...............................,yes?

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    this is onther mate in 3 step


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