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Can you solve this puzzle?? - Mate in 2

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    Here is a mate in 2. 

    PLEASE DO NOT USE AN ENGINE. And if you do, please don't spoil the fun for others... Thank you.

    Can you find the answer?? Laughing

                              White mates in 2

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    Nobody has solved this yet?. Is it hard?? Cool

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    GOT IT

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    There isn't a mate in 1...

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    yup got it, can i say it?

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    nvm but i got it

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    didn't use engine

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    man that wuz hard

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    tell me can i say it

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    Yes, you have got the answer!! It's good to know that it was hard Wink. Thank you. You can post the answer if you want. 

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    The closest I could come in the first ten minutes was Rd5, threatening Rh4#, but Bf2 refutes it.  It took me about another 20 minutes to find it.

    Great puzzle.

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    I think I got it. 

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    Yes, TomOhio1.Rd5 is wrong, but the idea of your answer is right. If you know what I mean, this puzzle should be a lot more easy. Laughing

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    Interesting puzzle. I still haven't figured it out. However, I believe the black pawn formation of g7, h6 and h7 is impossible in a conventional game.

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