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Can you solve this puzzle?? - Mate in 2

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    I got it! That was quite difficult. Very rewarding to figure out though. Thanks!

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    Rook Sacrifice

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    doduobird123, after Nf6+ gxf6 there's no mate.

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    Adriandmen wrote:

    Yes, TomOhio, 1.Rd5 is wrong, but the idea of your answer is right. If you know what I mean, this puzzle should be a lot more easy. 

    Yes... I do know what you mean... but I wouldn't have, had I not discovered the idea of Rd5 and then subsequently seeing why it wasn't right.  It is a clever conception in the puzzle that provided an "aha!" moment for me.  It did take me a while to get from Rd5 to the real answer, though.  I think this puzzle has actually made me a better player.  Thanks again for posting it.

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    Doduobird123 you are incorrect, that is not the correct answer. It is a "mate" in 2" puzzle.

    Also if you play nf6 then black can capture with the pawn. Leaving his bishop to take your nf2

    Keep looking! It's tricky! Haha it will take more then 5 minutes.

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    Seven1348 is also incorrect. There is no rook sacrifice.

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    think i got it

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    Falling up:  That's not the only possible answer from Black.  There's also g5.

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    good puzzle adriandmen.u r the best chess composer in the world

    can u solve it adriandmen.

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    there's a mate in one though...

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    It looks like a mate in one unless the pawns are going the other way.

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    anupralhad: Your puzzles don't work.  Will not accept a move.

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    Well, it seems that the puzzle is solved by FallingUp, but also solved by: Didiz1016Hockeymanchess. Congratulations to all the solvers, and thank you all for posting on this topic. Here is a diagram with the solution:

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    Here is the answer of your first puzzle, Anupralhad:


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    And your second puzzle: 1.Rd3! zz.

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    The thing I liked about this puzzle is that the correct first move would have still required some analysis by the opponent before resigning.  There's multiple possible responses, all of which have a (different) mating move following.  It would have been an excruciating few moments while he contemplated "... if I do this... then he can do THAT" as he eliminated his chances one by one.  Most of the mate-in-2 puzzle are obvious after the finding the winning first move.  This one wasn't that way.

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    the answer is mate in one if ir is white's move and the answer _____________


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