It is Black's turn. Imagine the move: ... Rf1-f2+

The white King would not be allowed to take the rook because the other rook could take him. But the rook on f6 would not be allowed to take the king because he is pinned to his king! Do I see this correctly? So could the White King take the rook? I guess not. Or am I wrong?

If you were the black player, what would you do to solve this problem?


If I were the black player I would play Qxe4+, winning.

but if black plays Rf1-f2+, no, the white king cannot capture the rook. A king can never move into check, even if the checking piece is pinned.


ah, if the Queen takes the queen the f6 rook checks on f2 with no escape for white?


We went through this for quite some time, eventually settling on a theoretical explanation that depends on lasers and Chuck Norris.




You guys are absolute genuises! I looked at this position for over an hour and couldnt figure it out. It is from the game Konyagina vs. Nahimovskaya in 1963, btw.