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Chess Puzzle(HARD)

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    Solved It! :)

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    Me too, after a few guesses.  It's tough because it looks like your typical smothered mate, but actually plays on the fact that black simply has very few moves to make and can be led into a mating combination.  Good one.

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    Extremely good.  I do these puzzles all the time but rarely comment.  Many of them seem set up, that is, the real moves you would play in a game are not the correct answers.  With this, it is real, and challenging.


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    quite hard, had to sit for 15 minutes

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    I never got it right ( Great ! The title applies to the puzzle itself )

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    Took me a minute to finish! Nice :) BUt couldnt do it on the first try, took me a few mistakes to reach the end!

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    Can white play


    Ba4  <= Highlight to see

    ? Does that work more quickly?

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    why not 2.Kg5

    1.Nh6 f5+ 2.Kg5 fe4(f4 3.Nc5 dc5 4.Bd5#) 3.Ba4/Bd1 d4 4.Bb3 d5 5.Bd5#

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    Took 5 minutes... I like.

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    I found a mate in 3 just today June 3, 2012.

    I found a mate in 3 with 1.Ba4! and now: 1...dxe4 (or 1...d4) 2. Bb3+ d5 3.Bxd5#. 1...Kf7 2.Be8+ Kg8 (if 2...Ke6 3.Ng7#) 3.Bg6#. Does anyone notice this?

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    Excellent puzzle. I made one mistake, but that was all. Took about 2 minutes, but a very well done position. Quite a challenge :)

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    took me 30 second... good puzzle!

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    good puzzle.

    I am a bad puzzle solver. Really Really Really bad

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    Wahotaho wrote:

    yes, your right! it can be mated in just 3 moves!why haven't they corrected it? i even have it analyzed by rybka engine, and the 1st move was Ba4!!

    the one who posted it doesnt even know how to analyzed deeper and logical.

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    so easy 3 min it

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    there is no mate in 3

    Please be relevant, helpful & nice!

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    black has kf7

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