Easy Chess Puzzles


Here I have some important themes.I know a lot of you guys are going to think these puzzles are very easy. Anyway, I hope some people will benefit from this.
































































good tactics.. we can say easy but in the real game sometimes we miss it..


Me likes, and very entertaining too. The person who made them has a point.


good puzzles. try some of mine, please


Wow these are fun and entertaining puzzles, very nice puzzles!


Very good


JMB, you made a mistake. Check puzzle #8 and white pawns are going the other ways, and so are the black pawns.


Very good. Thanks.

varosh wrote:

I'm a bit confused by problem 8. I spent a long time attempting this one.

The problem is much harder than the others. I found 1..Rec1

1..Rec1 2. Qxc1+ Rxc1 3. g8=Q Rxc7 4. Kxc7 f1=Q

And white can't queen again or Qfc1+ will end the game or even a8=Q will give 5..Qc3+ which should force mate easily.

Both sides have so many promotions they can do and it's just way too much to calculate. My analysis may be wrong.

The solution, though gives 1..Re6??

This is a dead draw after 1..Re6 2. Bxh2+ Kh1 3. Be5 Rxc6 4. Bxb2 f1=Q 5. g8=Q g1=Q 6. a8=Q Qxg6 7. Qxg6 and then 7..Qf4+ starts to prove the draw.

I am over 2k on Chesstempo and this is probably harder than any problem I've faced there.

I am still trying to figure out how 1..Re6 is the right answer.

Isn't it obvious that the pawns are supposed to go the other way? I mean this position would not make sense at all otherwise. Or maybe are you sarcastically laughing at him for having mistakenly reversed coordinates?


Woah this is a blast from the past! ;) Yeah the pawns are supposed to be going the other way.


Just visited this and found the fifth puzzle as the original from one of my daily puzzles


None of these puzzles could be considered the original of anything as the same or similar puzzles have been presented for almost 200 years. They are merely illustrations to the teaching of very common tactical themes! 

tactical themes!



Any reason when u fail a puzzle you lose 13points but when you get it right you get say 5points? Whats the reason or lesson?


very bad


i dont now