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Chesscademy Tactics

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    I've been working on a tactics interface for Chesscademy for a while and I'd welcome any feedback! :)


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    looks pretty awesome ;]

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    Very nice. Trayed about 20 tactics!

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    Tried it out for a couple minutes, noticed 2 strange things:

    a) For some reason I got the same puzzle twice in a row (Seems like 1. e4 c5 2. c3 Nf6 3. d4 Nxe4 4. dxc5 d6 or something strange like that with the point being 5. Qa4 wins)

    b) After the first couple of puzzles, the puzzle rating went up each time I solved one, despite being "rated higher" than me at the time. Maybe intended (or a result of being new) but still a bit odd. 

    Overall I quite like the design however, looks like a nice way to do easy tactics in the same method as chesstempo or such.

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    The fact that it's free and available is incredible! I enjoyed it as a guest, ...not logged in or registered. It was truly fun and quite challenging! Thank you and well done!

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    nice job NM Matetricks ...

    Keep it UP!

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    I've been on Chesscademy for a few weeks now and the trainer sometimes gets buggy- it will often repeat tactics and occasionally won't count points and have trouble loading.

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    First time I've heard of it. Seems good so far.


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