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Crushing the king's side!

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    I recently played a very interesting "1-2-3 bullet". It means 0:01:02 + 3sec increment. However, the final position looks nasty (and it is), but right after the game it seemed a little bit, let's say, wrong. However, try it, rate it. Comments & questions appreciated! :)

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    What was wrong for 20. Re2 or Rf1?

  • #3

    I forgot to annotate 20th move. The move was made in time trouble. I think friend was thinking about 20.Rf1 (which is better), but also about 20.Bxe5, which is the best move in "horrible" position.

  • #4

    Nice puzzle & game! I wanted Nexg4 but soon realized that Nfxg4 opens the f-line!

  • #5

    Yup, you're right!

  • #6

    And I must agree again. Nice one! :D


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