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David Pruess Win In 6

  • #1

         David Pruess won this game in only 18 moves.
    Can you find the final 6 moves that led to his
    opponent's resignation?

    Bonus: Can you name his opponent?



  • #2

    At the time his opponent was rated 272 points higher.

  • #3

    No idea, but cool finish. Can you add a later post which gives some lines of analysis?

  • #4

         Perhaps David Pruess will provide analysis, as I'm not good enough to grasp
    all the moves.
         I will see what else I can research.

  • #5

    I was black in this game. I did not see anything better to do than the positional queen sacrifice, but in the final position white has an advantage.

    The game was played in a tournament with a special rule that if you knock over a piece and then hit your clock, you forfeit. On the last move my opponent did just that, and an arbiter ran over and awarded the game to black.

  • #6

    That's pretty funny.

  • #7

    My mistake, as I posted this puzzle incorrectly thinking you were white.  I must have lost focus over all the excitement of the millionth member today.

    It's still an interesting game.


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