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Get Your Engines Ready - Tactical Bombs (My Games)!

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    Please read the variations in the notes! 
    OK, so I decided to post some puzzles from my games. While I don't think I am a complete patzer, my games are littered with grave errors, so I hope that with these puzzles I can get some "computer eyes" and not miss any more beautiful combinations in my games (though, of course, my opponents are missing these computer moves as well, so that helps!)
    Note: I will show you the source games as well, but please note that most of these games are 3/0 Blitz games, so don't pay attention to some of the moves too much. 
    One more point: These puzzles are extremely complex and rich. Pat yourself on the back if you see these variations!
    Black decided to play Bxg4 here, but could there be some hidden traps in this position?
    Black shouldn't fear Bf4, right?  
    In the game, I chose to return with Be3. But could I have set myself up for some horrible tactic? 
    Black allows a discovered check. Has he seen it all?
     Oh no! A fork! Should White just start eating with his hands from now on?
    Now, the games with all their double-blundered glory: 
    Hopefully more to come!
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    Some puzzles from my two tournament games (I've played 6 total tournament games so far). 
    Black seems to have defended against White's threats quite well. Did Black really make the rook on the 7th look silly?
    Ouch, Bc5! How can White escape? 
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    I'm wondering if I should start a puzzle blog. Would anyone be interested?

    A Sicilian...Trap?! What is White to do here?

    An alternate solution, though it probably ends in a draw, so the move in the first puzzle is possibly the only winning move:


    I actually spent a minute and a half in the 3/0 game calculating Qg4. I think it's the best move in the position as the Nd4 line seems to be completely winning (if Black plays Bxb2, of course. Play continues otherwise), while in the other lines, Black may have chances to hold. Stockfish DD (RIP) thinks that White's best chance is the move you should solve in the coming puzzle (though at depths of 26+, it starts thinking otherwise), but the lines given lead to fine positions for Black which should be able to hold: 

    By the way, the line in the above puzzle is forced, so I see no way to improve...Black should be comfortable. 
    Also, after the 6th move, Ba3, can you find a fourth move that seems promising for White (but probably leads to the same story as the move in the third puzzle)?: 
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    If you´re going to start a puzzle blog, I suggest presenting them one at a time ... this mass of diagrams and annotations is just too much to wade through.

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    Hi, thanks for your input. So one puzzle in one blog post?

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    Yep ... I think you´ll get more feedback that way.

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    OK, I wouldn't mind splitting them up then. 


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