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Helpmate in 3

  • #1

    Hey guys, here's a simple helpmate in 3 that I composed.

    Remember, in helpmates black moves first. White's 3rd move delivers checkmate:



  • #2

    1. Kh7 Kg4 2. Kg7 Bd6 3. Kh6 Bf8#

    Which is an interesting solution; people would expect a mate in the corner or something, and people would expect the number of moves would be very small that there's no time to waste.

  • #3

    Yes this is a relatively atypical way to checkmate with 2 Bishops. Your first move is illegal by the way, otherwise there would be multiple solutions.

  • #4

    Whoops, I meant 1. Kg8. Accidentally swapped ranks and files.


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