Helpmate in 3


Hey guys, here's a simple helpmate in 3 that I composed.

Remember, in helpmates black moves first. White's 3rd move delivers checkmate:




1. Kh7 Kg4 2. Kg7 Bd6 3. Kh6 Bf8#

Which is an interesting solution; people would expect a mate in the corner or something, and people would expect the number of moves would be very small that there's no time to waste.


Yes this is a relatively atypical way to checkmate with 2 Bishops. Your first move is illegal by the way, otherwise there would be multiple solutions.


Whoops, I meant 1. Kg8. Accidentally swapped ranks and files.


The white moves would have to be Kg4, Bd6 and Bf8# with the black king ending up on h6. To get there black's king must go via g8, g7 as it would get there too soon if it went straight to g7 and can't step on g6 or h7.

It's a slightly unusual mating pattern.