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List of best puzzles

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    Hi, could you all post links of the best chess pzzles you know to have been posted here (chess.com) or any other site, please?

    I thought I should show some good puzzles to players in my club on next time we have training.

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    These are two of the greatest puzzles I've ever seen. In both situaions, White to play and win.

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    For some reason one didn't show up.

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    the second one doesnt make sense. why would black give up his queen like that? i liked the first one though

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    He's hoping you will think it's still stalemate. There's no other hope, you are going to get checkmated in 1 with Kd7 or Ke7 otherwise.

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    Nice puzzles, thanks...

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    take a look @  http://www.wtharvey.com

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    in the first puzzle, sirdavid, can't the white queen just take the black bishop, and zap, checkmated black #?

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    2nd one doesn't make sense, black queen could've taken white queen and be in a winning position

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    cool puzzle

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    ok, i finally understood the first one, it was a very elegant finish, tq

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    mate in 16
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    When could the white queen have been taken in the second puzzle?

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    is this a riddle?

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    Nice puzzle Lycan, To hard for me though...

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    For puzzle one white could have checkmated with Qxb8#, but the other way was more beautiful. In puzzle two, black wanted white to take the queen to make stalemate, and if the queen did the discovered check, the black queen would take. But white's manoeuvre prevented the draw.

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    @nitsujfortwo: In the first puzzle, White is in check.


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