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    I have a puzzle that I have been struggling to solve on and off for months now. The challenge is to deliver a checkmate to the king in two moves. I am not kidding around here. Apparently, there is a solution, but I cannot seem to figure it out and thought I should seek out assistance from community.

    NG8,  PE7,  BG7,  PF6,  PC5,  KF5,  NH5,  PC4,  BG4,  PF3, PH3

    NC8,  BH7,  PG6,  PD5,  PH4,  BC3,  QE3,  PD2,  KH2,  NF1

    The challenge is surprisingly difficult: If you are white, can you deliver a checkmate to the black king in 2 moves?  

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    Here it is in puzzle form

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    Alright. Cool!

    I meant to do that, but how do bring the chess board into the forum thread like that?

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    here is one

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    The white knight on C1 should be on C8. 

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