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Me vs. My Chess Computer (Awesome Puzzle)

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    Love it, standard pattern of bishop in front of rook facing at queen, but a bit different that it threatens mate rather than giving check.

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    Nice one. I like the puzzle

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    I suppose 2... Qd5 is better for black (3. Rxe7 bxa6). Of course it's already over but atleast better than mate in 4.


    Awesome puzzle MrAwesome (I always wanted to say that!)

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    I liked it! Thank you for sharing.

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    Very nice puzzle Mr. A

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    Not that greatTongue Out

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    tal_chess wrote:

    Not that great

    Hmm, OK let's see your puzzles Mr. tal.....they must be "awesome".

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    Azkadazian wrote:

    I don't understand why Qxe5 after the first move. I would play Rxd2.

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    Yeah, I guess... it's certainly a nice little combination, I agree.  But the game's so lopsided to begin with, after BxN, QxB, white is ahead at least 10 pawns no matter what move he makes (that doesn't blunder), so it's like comparing a move that's 10 pawns ahead vs. 14.  Maybe giving black another rook on the back rank and another knight, and/or removing the f2 pawn, just to give black a fighting chance.


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