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puzzle challenge

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    that was a demo starting soon

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    brown-very hard




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    Black mode-

    This was one is so easy that you willl laugh

    I guess that's how you start

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    who will post the answer first?

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    sorry if no one is interested

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    Qh4+ g3 Bx Px Qx

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    Bird opening trap? I have seen this one, but this is a good lesson. 

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    That wouldn't have taken me so long if I'd read the legend below the diagram & realized it was Black to move !

    part12 , it's best to present the diagram in 'flipped' mode when it's Black to move first - I think that's the proper convention, otherwise dummies like me get the move order wrong   Wink

    Like this ...

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    too easy parth!!:)

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    What about a harder one?

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    Hall of fame

    Puzzle 1- BigDoggProblem

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    next one is pink one

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    that's a diagram not a puzzle

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    Harder one:

  • #17

    1. Kd2

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    StMichealD wrote:

    I think this is the solution ....

    I wasted time trying 1.Nd2+ at first but you need the rook at a3 to make it work !


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    RookSacrifice wrote:

    Harder one:


    Thanks  RookSacrifice, very instructive !  Sometimes the diagonal path is more productive than the straight line.

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    here;s the pink you've been waiting for

    it's only a little challenging [red one-beautiful coming next!]

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