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This Rook Is a Hero!

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    This is not the only way, but a very elegant one. Can you find it?

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    What if black does not push the pawn?

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    TheGrobe yazmış:

    What if black does not push the pawn?

    That's an interesting question, but my computer says that it is still a draw whatever black does. The problem is that black needs that pawn to win. The two bare knights are not enough, so you go and try to sacrifice your rook for the pawn whenever possible. This should do the trick. A bad day for the black player, huh? Cool

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    Agree with you that it's not the only way (since Rh4, Rh3 draws too - checked with Nalimov), but I must admit Rh2 is as elegant as Rh1 (ok, maybe a little less, but still...). Laughing

    Great one though! 

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    Wow, incredible save!


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