two easy helpmates

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    I was bored so I made up these two:

    helpmate in 3:



















    Helpmate in 4:

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    black to move?

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    This is from Wikipedia:

    helpmate is a type of chess problem in which both sides cooperate in order to achieve the goal of checkmating Black. In a helpmate in n moves, Black moves first, then White, each side moving times, to culminate in White's nth move checkmating Black.

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    h#3 sol <  1. Kh8-g8 Kf4-g4 2. Kg8-g7 Bg3-d6 3. Kg7-h6 Bd6-f8 >

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    h#4 sol <1. Kb4-c5 Kc7-c8 2. Kc5-d6 Nf2-e4 3. Kd6-e7 Nf4-g6 4. Ke7-e8 Ne4-d6>

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    That's right.

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