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Where to Play Tactics?

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    Can anyone recommend me some really good sites to practice tactics? I have been told that this is a very good way to improve my game, and would like to practice them. I have tried playing on chesstempo.com, those are way to easy.

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    I do my tactics at chesstempo, they are not easy, the thing is you have to register, then you will star with low score as a new account, while you solve the boards you will eventually be incresing your score and be facing more difficult problems until you get to the ones on your level.

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    I agree with htdavidht. There are quite a few tactics that give 2000+ players trouble. With a 1300 rating you can find problems for you there. If you register, you can also go in preferences and set your level to hard.

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    Not to state the obvious, but I find the tactics trainer here on chess.com to be great.  I like that the positions are taken from our own games and seem more realistic for my level of play rather than contrived.  Hover over LEARN at the top of the screen and then select Tactics Trainer.

    I assume you tried that - curious why you don't like it?  Also, chess mentor is good.

    I also really like the courses available from ChessOK/Convekta on their Peshk training system.  Those are purchased and run on your PC.  

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    The_Gavinator wrote:

    Can anyone recommend me some really good sites to practice tactics? I have been told that this is a very good way to improve my game, and would like to practice them. I have tried playing on chesstempo.com, those are way to easy.

    chesstempo supposively has a wider array of tools for tactics training. the tactics trainer on here is good. but it is biased towards blitz play. apparently there a few different types of tactics trainers "blitz" "standard" and "endgame"

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    Even though the rated mode resembles a blitz tactics trainer you can use a ¨standard¨ tactics trainer on here by going into unrated mode.

    What I would like to see added is the option to filter the type of problems in unrated mode. And to add to that, statistics about your success percentage correlated to the tags of the problem in the rated mode would be nice. That way you can practise on those motifs you seemingly have problems with.

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    I preffer tactics at chesstempo for 2 reasons.

    First. Chess.com limits to 3 problems per day to regular members, to get more than that need to pay premium.

    Second. chesstempo have better system of filtering the problems, this is the people can actually vote the tags and also comment the problems after I done the problem, reading this comments usually help me to understand the problem, specially when I fail to pass it, so there is some learning involve, no just the knowledge that I failed and no understanding why.

    By the way the option of chossing the tactical theme, in chesstempo, is avalible only to premium members, So I don't get this feature. Also the endgames gives only 2 per day to free members.

    I like chess.com opening database better, becouse the comments, help me understand better, still there are lots of irrelevant comments, eventually can find some usefull explanation.

    Also the forums here are better, the only forum feature I like in chesstempo that is not here is the diary kinda thing, where peope create a treath talking about their goals on chess and eventually post on their progress and stuff.

    Still there is lost of other websites with some interesting features.

    In my particular situation I don't really wanna do the money investment, so I go by with what websites give for free. If I search good enougth I get a list of different websites one compensating for what the other doesn't have or have to premium members only.

    Talking about videos, there is lots of those on youtube.

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    I like chess.com tactics trainer, but my favorite is actually the chess tactics server (emerald chess). I just tried to go there a second ago and got a server error though - not sure if its on my end or theirs.

    I wish that you could play back through your previous tactics on chess.com (ala the seven circles), but it is set up more for TT ratings than for actually learning the motifs through repetition.  I'd love to be able to play through my last 400-500 TT problems until I did not miss any and then move on to the next 500 when I felt like I had mastered them.

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    I am a member at chesstempo, but I still find their tactics simple. They are easy to spot things like forks, pins, skewers, discover attacks, sacks, and even hanging pieces? Don't judge my ability based on my rating, I have only played one game on here. Also, I can only do 3 tactics per day on here, and I unfortunately don't plan on becoming a paid member on here.

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    If you live close to Orlando, Florida contact Larry Storch at the Orlando Chess Club


    He is very nice and a strong master.  He will help you find a good tactics training website or grandmaster tactics books from games from actual tournaments.


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