White to move and draw

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    I noticed that while I had seen many puzzles showing creative forced checkmates, I hadn't seen many showing how to get a stalemate from an inferior position.  Here's one I made.  This should be fairly easy if you're familiar with this idea, but if you haven't used this concept before, I think it should be a good challenge.  

    This is my first post in the forums, so I'm sorry if I mess anything up.  Tongue Out

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    Nice one.

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    knightofcrashtest wrote:

    Nice one.

    Thanks!  How long did you take to solve it?

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    It's indeed familiar, but took a while to get that back in my mind :p

    Also played 2. Qb7+ first, because I thought that black could get out of stalemate with QxQ, but later found that that wasn't at all the case.

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    Sharrocks wrote:

    4 sec

    That's impressive!  I had hoped that the puzzle would be a little more difficult than that...  Tongue Out

    @Scottrf: Those are both great puzzles.  Did you make them yourself?  If you got them elsewhere, do you know where I could find more?

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    Found them both on the tactics trainer here I believe.

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    Scott,  I don't think I've seen that second puzzle in post #6 before, it was quite clever! Thanks for sharing it. 

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