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Audio Ads

  • #1

    I've been getting some really obnoxious audo ads while on "Live." Shouldn't premium members not have ads?

  • #2

    You shouldn't be seeing any ads in live chess at all as a premium member.

    When you see it again, is it possible to screenshot and mail it to me please so I can investigate this further for you?  (kohai@chess.com)

  • #3

    You guys really have audio ads? That kind of puts me off. I'm fine with dealing with ads if I'm not paying, but audio ads are really, really invasive.

  • #4

    Premium members should only ever see one ad on the site. That only appears on the sites homepage on a Thursday for wholesale chess. Other than that if you or any other premium is seeing any other kind of ad then I do need to know where its showing and possibly a screenshot so I can investigate it for you.

  • #5

    I think it was around the time that the first flashing banner ad was introduced that adblocker was (thankfully) invented and installed by millions. After ads introduced video and audio, I would call installing it MANDATORY! Innocent


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