How do you use Chess Mentor?


I'm curious to know how others are using the Chess Mentor.  I have found recently a method to go through the courses systematically to help me improve and thought I would share it.

I choose View Courses, then select a course that is at or above my rating (withing a few hundred pts).  Then I go through each lesson sequentially.  When I fail to get 100%, I DON'T retake it to get it to 100%...instead, I will view the solution multiple time to make sure I understand it, then move on to the next lesson.

Then - the next day, I will do the course lessons again, without review, and attempt to improve on my scores.  I will repeat this pattern with the goal of eventually getting 100% on every lesson in the course.

I chose to do it this way after I started "retaking" the lessons to get 100%. The problem is I already knew the answer (having just seen the solution), and later didn't really know which lessons I needed to work on.  So this method ensures I know which lessons need more work.

What do the rest of you do?


Interesting. Myself, I have chosen a few courses that I intend to go through a few times each (at the very least). I'm using a blog to track/record my progress/goals: