site 'announcements' to premium members


I've been here nearly a year (as a free member), and I think this is the first time I've received an on-site announcement "message" (this was just now, two or three days after becoming a Trial premium member).

Part of the appeal as I see it of paying to be a premium member is to escape notices from the site.  Is there a setting I'm overlooking that would allow me to Not receive site spam?  Or is this something even Diamond premium members come to expect on an irregular, ongoing basis?

I note there is an email setting of this character "It's OK to email me about news and announcements." (which I certainly have NOT enabled), but I'm not seeing a site message setting that would apply for stopping the site from spamming me through bot site 'messages'.

And, I had hoped that being a Premium member would mean avoiding the end of game pop-up in Live Chess.  Not So! Frown

Even Premium members are now getting a pop-up that covers the board at the end of every game (commercial free, it merely announces the 'game result').  Rather annoying imo.


ps.  And yes, I've tried blocking the 'bot' Chesscom but encounter:

Oops?! We noticed the following errors in your form:
You are not allowed to block staff members or moderators.