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I am a begginer (I play daily 2months) and very low rated player and I would like as probably every chess player to get better in chess.  I am crusing around 1080 rating points. Is there any practical way to get better without a teacher. I would love to get some good serious recommendations from you (much better players). Maybe some books that cover begginer stuff and a bridge to a more skillful player.

Thank you!


Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca is excellent for beginner and intermediate players. Get the algebraic edition.


If you like playing video games, buy the video game Majestic Chess and finish its adventure.  It should help you.


Get The Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess by GM Wolf. Hone your tactical skills by solving problems everyday. Get Winning Chess Tactics by Seirawan.


Good Chess Books for Beginners and Beyond...



To get better, you should get a coach to help figure out what best course of action is given your strengths and weaknesses. 

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Just start with endgames and tactics. No need for a personal chess trainer at that (our) rating. U' ve got everything u need on this site.

 Otherwise I'd say just play and  look afterwards where u went wrong.

I'm not this much off corr. player but feel free to challenge me (unrated/rated) however u want to get more practice.