I am looking for blindfold chess apps.


The title describes it all in one sentence. I am looking for a chess app; I don't like having to type or do anything requiring me to see what's in front of me as it's hard to think with my eyes open.

There are plenty on the play store, but they all have their flaws. Some don't even have multiplayer and if they do the servers they play on either outright disconnect me or the ping is worse than a potato stuffed into a shoebox and launched into low earth orbit powered by the reflections of a bald head after it was cleaned with window cleaner.

Long story short I am looking for a decent, high quality blindfold chess app without having to deal with these trials and tribulations. Thanks in advance.

ShuckleSquad13 has blindfold on the variants page.



As mentioned above its on this site,


Good luck “finding” them, lol

This is a really good tactical app for blindfold chess, since it allows you to visually move X moves, then find the tactic. 

There's also

but it is very inactive. 


lichess has a setting that u can use to play blindfold happy.png

edot123 wrote:

lichess has a setting that u can use to play blindfold

so does wink.png