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Resolved: Daily Puzzle link points to forums.

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    When I click on the daily puzzle link in the Learn menu it takes me to the forums page.

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    I also have this problem

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    Now that I don't have to start a thread about it, thanks. :)

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    Got this problem too. I became really used to solve some puzzles every evening.

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    Me too-  Is there a solution to this problem yet? How about somebody in authority fixing this- PLEASE

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    I got this problem too

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    Yup, same here. Please fix! I needs my puzzlin'.

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    Damn thing broke already,I wonder if the warranty is up yet?

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    I too have come to the forums in search of puzzles to conquer.  Who is responsible for this trickery?

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    Ever notice some things just need to be left alone. If it ain't broke why mess with it- PLEASE go back to old format. That way we can do the daily puzzle.

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    iused wrote:

    When I click on the daily puzzle link in the Learn menu it takes me to the forums page.

    Once you get to the Forums page, simply click on the Daily Chess Puzzle forum. You will get today's puzzle and prior ones should you wish to work them.

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    Would be useful to directly go to the actual daily puzzle. Irritating to be redirected to the forums page.

    Offered solution: Perhaps put a link to the forums page underneath the puzzle - not really a real big coding nightmare.

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    Main Home and Learn need their re-direct fixing.  We're getting it fixed.

    Thank you to all who reported it.

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    You can still view the Daily Puzzle as it has its own forum in the listings.

    When you go into the forum listings, daily puzzle is the fifth one down from the top, the most recent daily puzzle appears at the top of that page

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    ez, stupid, first

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    How.... puzzling, one might say.

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