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game Explorer not showing my games!!

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    The game explorer is not showing my games. This upsets me quite a bit as I have gotten over a thousand games and I loved the fact that I could look and see how I was doing with certain openings...Please help. Please get my games back into the Game Explorer

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    what browser are you using? If internet explorer you might be able to resolve by switching to either google chrome or mozilla firefox. 

    If you are already using google chrome or mozilla firefox try a hard refresh. Hold the ctrl key and click the f5 key, then hold the ctrl key and click the R key.

    I hope this helps. I have told people to do this ...and if it does not work drop me a note...and I never hear from them again; I suppose it must be working.

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    FF & Maxthon & Chrome are intact.... Yes, F5 is main magic key, but not help in this case...

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    Reinlynx has sent the link for help in this matter. It is caused by the switch over. Hopefully it will be fixed in the near future. I can see master games in the database its just not showing my games.

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    thx for feedback, I was not sure it worked, just assumed because nobody got back to me.

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    I also can't see others' (or my own) games. A tad annoying, as this is a perk that I PAID for!

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    I am sorry, the programmers have informed us that they are updating the game explorer,

    which is why you're not able to see the games on there at the moment.

    They have assured us this will be working shortly though.

    Sorry :(

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    If this isn't fixed soon I am going to be asking for a free month's extension of my premium subscription. Explorer is the one feature I use(d) the most.

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    To be clear, I can see a very small subset of my prior games, games which I had played several years ago. All of the games I have played even semi-recently are not shown. Moreover, I can't see other players' games - at all! This only began after the recent "upgrades" to the site.

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    Still nothing for my games

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    I would really like to see this issue resolved soon. Zaiger, any updates?

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    I believe staff are still updating the games explorer, and your archives should be accessible shortly :)



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    After having been assured 15 days ago from a Chess.com staff member that the programmers would have the problem fixed soon, we are still no closer to having this issue resolved.  It would be nice if a more definate time was given as to when the problem will be rectified instead of the one size fits all answer of "working shortly". 

    It must be one hell of problem they have on their hands at the moment.  Perhaps the financial bail out of Greece and possibly other European nations will be resolved faster than the fixing of the game explorer.

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    I think an estimated time would be another 10 days for online chess, and another 3 months for live chess to sync



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    I have data on half of my games

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    finally getting some games

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    This is feature is not working at all for me. A little disappointing as this Is the best part of the site.

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    20 days ago Zaiger said the game explorer would be up and running soon.  Well it isn't!!!

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    I also can not see my games in Game Explorer.

    It sure would be nice to use !

    lavonjohn to Staff , " FIX THIS "


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