Can someone explain "timeout ratio"?


All the tournaments I'm trying to join tell me my "timeout ratio" isn't low enough to register.  How do I fix this?


You have timed out in a lot of games(39%) where you lost by not making your move in the alotted time.

There are 2 ways to fix this, play lots of game and finish them without, ( about 300 more), or do not time out in any games for the next 90 days.


I lost my very first game on timeout   because I did not understand the rules        please forgive that single occasion !

  Thank you also for lots of fun due to your welldone game rules etc.

trooo...       alias

I'm in the same boat as trooo. Can you please erase this one instance so I can play in tournaments?

this timeout ratio is a pain and unfair. I mean I play a lot of game and I forgot about only one and now I can play because of timeout ratio.

Anyway they can fix this ?