Help to set up a tournament with groups, semi-final and final


Hi, as the topic title suggests, I'd like help to set up a tournament with several rounds, Champions League football style. I'd like to have 2 groups of 6, a group of 4 and a final. Is this possible?I upgraded to Platinum but still can't see the options to do this. Please help!


No, that is not possible in a single event. You could set up individual events and just have each set of winners join a new tourney when the results are tallied. Your final would need to just be a match outside the tourney system.


You could do 2 groups of 6 with 2 moving forward in each group, but there may be a potential for ties. That would give a second round of 4 players, if there are no ties,  but that would be the last round, I think.


Aha! Many thanks happy.png


Hi! If you are still interested in this....

Look at the "cricket league" tournament and the club with the same name.

It's Alan (wearsider) who set it up, from several years by now.

I think it's fantastic: all the people are asked to join the club, then he set up 4 different tournaments, premiere league, division 1, 2 and three, by inviting people himself. Every season 2 people pass up to the superior level or drop down a step.

You could do something similar... you hold 4 groups tournaments, and after something like 2 months you hold up a semifinal tournament inviting the first one of all groups.

Maybe I make it more complicated than it really is... consider that we're playing the 37th season by now, so it seems to be a success.

If you go on and make it.. let me know,. It's funnier than usual tournanents.

Bye, Davide