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Metoyer Omaha $1000 Joe Knapp 1st Place

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    The Metoyer Chess Tournament Omaha 2014
    Sunday 23rd March at Culprit Cafe .

    $1,000.00 1st Place Prize   Joe Knapp
    $500.00   2nd Place Prize   Stacy Robinson
    $100.00   3rd Place Prize   Super Don
    $90.00    4th Place Prize   Kevin McGee
    $80.00    5th Place Prize   Shane Williams
    $70.00    6th Place Prize   Jerry Slominski
    $60.00    7th Place Prize   Mike Klemmensen
    $50.00    8th Place Prize   Dennis Zongker
    $40.00    9th Place Prize   Courtney Houston
    $30.00   10th Place Prize   Ashley Freeman
    $50.00    1st Place Lady   Ashley Freeman


    Some words were spoken in memory of sponsor Dave E Walker

    Rich's Chess Tournaments Omaha previous Sponsors :
    Dr Shabazz
    Dr Siddique
    Gregory Hayze Rhodes
    Wildemar II

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