"tie break" calculations


i noticed someone in my tournament advance because of tie break and i think i might need more tie break points then someone who has the same amount of wins as me so im just wondering how this "tie break" thing is calculated?


Basically, you get a tie-break point whenever someone you beat beats someone else. It's the combined tournament scores of every person in the tournament that you have beaten. To see more information on the tie-break system used here at Chess.com, see this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonneborn-Berger_system


I found this topic occasionally cause had the same question but then figured out the calculation principle just looking at rankings. I will just leave the post here in case someone else would ever look for the same question.

Formula is pretty simple. Just multiply yours wins against an opponent on total wins that this opponent currently reached. Then do it for all of your opponents and add all the results together. And it will be your tie break.


The answer above is absolutely correct of course, I just detalized it a little.


But what if the game points are tied, and the tie break is also tied?

(it is about to happen in a tournament I am watching)


If both are tied then both will advance. 


they are the top two players in the final round of the tourney though.

wollyhood wrote:

they are the top two players in the final round of the tourney though.


If it's the final round they will share first place.