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tie breakers

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    okay, so I am in the tournament 'porcellis group of 4 under 1300 #1. I have won three games so far and I have no tie breaker points, yet I only lost one game to ristou and thats the only game he has won... yet he has 3 tie breaker points. How are these points calculated? Does anyone know the formula that is used to clculate tie breaker points?

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    You have won three games against people that have won no games, therefore your tie break is zero. However the guy who beat you gets your points added to his tie break ie you have won three games so he gets three tie break points.

    Formula is : u get your opponents points added to ur tie break score if u win. If u draw u get half the the points of ur opponent added to ur tie break score.

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    It's worth noting too, that when the players u have already beaten get to win a game ur tie break will increase retrospectively too.

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    ok, so that must be why a person gets more tie break points if you win games later in the tournament

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    anyway thanks for response

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    but my TB ones changed after the game!

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    So what happens when there is a three way tie with wins and tie breaker points in the round?

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    Checkplez wrote:

    So what happens when there is a three way tie with wins and tie breaker points in the round?

    they all move on.....

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    I do not quite understand that tiebreakers concept.... I am in a tournament group... I have already won most of the games... They say I have 13 tiebreakers.... I will not probably be in a tiebreak situation in that group... so what do these 13 tiebreakers mean?? I don't understand how this applies....

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    They apply only if points are level, to 'break ties'.

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    I guess this means that these 13 tiebreaker points will probably be totally useless to me since I am winning that group soundly and totally and will not be in any point level situation in that group... so I don't see what or where is the big deal here....

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    Did you just come here to boast that you are winning your group?

    Yes of course tie break points are not important if you don't tie, you'd expect that to go without saying.

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    Glad I finally learned the rule. Two of us have beaten the other players. Between us< i won the first and he won the 2nd....so he won the tournament by one break point. I should have forfited the game I was losing first. 


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