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Tournament Openings would you pick

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     What kind of Tournament openings would you pick if you were playing?

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    Larsen attack (b3)

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    Depends on the tournament format.

    Online Blitz Tournaments - Orangutan - Players blitz you out of won positions because of the lack of time delay like over the board tourneys, so I get him down on time first.

    OTB Blitz Tournaments - Mostly 1.Nf3 instead of 1.d4, slows them down.  Black I'll throw out the Latvian if I'm in a must win situation

    OTB Standard Tournaments - 1.Nf3 or 1.d4 as White.  Caro-Kann and either Tartakower, Tarrasch, or Slav as Black, depending on mood.

    Correspondence Tournaments - For the most part the same as OTB Standard - usually the most theoretical lines at that time.

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    italian, ive studied like, all variations. if you ever have problem with it, ask me. i play e5,d5, or c5 black

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    Ok I play the siclian most in every game.


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