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Have a look at the tie break points after all games are completed.

Yours will increase as other games in your group are completed.

It makes no difference when games are finished.


Thanks for your explanations but finally I found out how tie breaks works in the tournament´s rules. It´s true that It´s not easy to manage it although I think now I have a better knowledge about them.

Any way thanks and good luck!


Can someone tell me why i cannot start an inlimited participant tourney...the most it allows for me is 99...thx in advance


what can you do about a guy that uses 71 hours per move in a 3 day move tourney... also, his timer said 1 hour when i went to sleep and when i woke he had 16 hours left? how does that happen? its sooo anoying


how does ur rating system works. it goes from950 to 980 when i win and it reduces when i loose.


Nitin...go to deyails....show rating adjustment.......this will how much you gain or lose for win lose.....it depends how good your opponent is....challenge me...rated match and i will show you a thing or two...if you would like ;-)


Hi All!

I played in the "International U2000 Championship" at Group 13. I can say that they use chess engine when they play with me. If you see the history of the games of the said players, you will know whether they use the m/c or not.

Please try to solve this problem otherwise it will become "Chess Engine Tournament".


Moe Kyaw Thu 


MOEK....so how do you stop them using books.....at the end of the day if you arw better than them...they will crumble as soon as you pass the opening moves on the emgine...i sometimes throw in a good but slightly rogue move....which kills them off


Oh i thought you meant the chess.com explorer...no i agree with u the use of chess engines is defeatist to a fair game


Moe: Using an engine is against chess.com rules. But so is "naming and shaming" in the forums. Please use the support tickets to contact staff discreetly and do so only if you can be sure of engine use.


   At th moment of this post, i am playing an Evan gambit game with this position: My opponent with whites Ka6, Nc2. I have e5, Kd6.Everybody see this is a draw however the guy do not take the pawn and keep rambling all around with the knight this is going on for several weeks or months.I feel traped in this game please somebody give me an idea.Is this legal? HELP!


Hi Puchiko, It's Ok. I don't want to disturb to the others. They also want to play and win. I also have a lot of tournaments still going on. Thanks for the advice. :)


I challenge you to a game Deathwish, you are mine.


Renny..go for it mate....i love a bit of confidence in a player....i am waiting!!!!


 i can not play other game before 5 min.  its bee 1 week now and i do not no any of my faults. can anybody help


Nitin.....challenge me unrated...i will give some advice if u want!


RENNY...I understand..obviously scared u off ;-)


Hello, Renny! Are you challenge me or other people? And Deathwish you're supporting to Renny? If it is correct, Why don't you both try me. Otherwise, ignore my writing.


i have challenged u deathwish now tell me


accepted moe----i know he is a high flyer but i will try......nit...i have accepted your challenge...read my chat :-) Renny is obviously all mouth and trousers lol