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Why no 2nd place?

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    I was in a tournament recently called "rtl" and got 2nd place, but it doesn't show up in my online profile. How come?

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    Hiya, depends on the number of players - in that one ye mention there were only 5 players. Help file here   says:

     "In Chess.com tournaments any tournament with fewer than 13 players will only have 1 winner. Tournaments with 13 or more players will have 1st - 3rd place."


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    Interesting! Thanks for the reply.

    But you still get points for any tournament, ok, makes sense.

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    so do you get points if you dont get first?

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    Yes, you still get tournament points if you don't get first.
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    What are tournament points anyway?

    I've looked all over for a definition but all I ever find are explanations of the tie break system.


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    Mr Vaughn: Here is a good explanation of what tournament points are:


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    Thanks Mr. Cobblepot. Yes. I have come across that explanation a few times. And though it explains how points are accumulated, it doesn't really say why the points are there in the first place. What can I do with those points? Do they allow me special priveleges somehow? Things like that. And this is just a curiosity. That is why I haven't really pursued it with all that much vigor.

    Thanks so much for responding.



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    To paraphrase one opponent of mine, they are there "just for kudos".

    For now.

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    Just for clarification, Tournament Points are separate from Member Points.  Correct?

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