Hiiii! I heart Jesus. If you’re ever struggling, just know you’re not alone ❤️ Gods got you close.

I love to write some poetry, so if you do too, then cool! I’m a part of this amazing club called CYCT. Christian Youth Chess Team. They’re real ones 🤜🏼

      My friends from CYCT will be listed below.



@ABlazingBishop You’re somehow the exact definition of BRUH



@thecReacher is a real one for a bunch of reasons like his music taste (which is superior), his support, his comedic timing and idk, being active I guess 

@Zoe- I hope you come back soon, I really love you and hope you’re doing well 💗
@Ilovemygreatfriends miss you 🤍

@Colteyblack A.K.A., Tarzan, is wise and goofy at the same time. A walking contradiction hmmmm I wonder if that’s possible.. he also is a real one for helping me with German and English grammar lol 

@Rickrolling4Jesus is an incredible chess player, don’t let him tell you otherwise. A true Rick Astley fan at heart, he loves to rickroll. 

Special thanks to the SA’s of CYCT for being the best SA’s I know. 👍🏼 kudos to them for putting up with me for so long.

Another thanks to all my fellow CYCTer’s who I haven’t mentioned here. Artur, Tim, other Tim (lol) William, Abbie, Rebekah, Joseph, and others. Thanks for the prayers and enduring the crazy ✌🏼

To those gone, you are never forgotten ❤️

If you weren’t mentioned and you know me and would like to be in my bio, shoot me a PM or a note and I’d be happy to include you. I normally don’t edit my bio a lot and I also don’t want anyone to feel left out or as if they don’t matter by not being included. If you weren’t mentioned, I still love you and still care.

Brady you are an epic person

Just a huge thanks to all my friends, thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Thank you! Each and everyone of you! Thank you for loving me with the heart of God and for being patient when I burst and patient in general. Especially when I need to be seen. I love y’all so much!!! You mean everything to me! ❤️ -Ur mother (I’m not putting my name in my bio :/ 


About me (: I’m super tiny, do track AND stage crew and that’s basically my social life lol. I also write poetry and LOVE Jesus.