Alexander Alekhine Chess Club

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Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting our club! This club is dedicated to our great player Alexander Alekhine. 

We have everyday Daily Puzzles 

                              Live Matches  

                             Club Tournaments

                             Free Trophies


We conduct tournaments with prizes which also include PDF book & certificates to be grabbed! We have active participation in our club! 

                          Give us your suggestion to improve our club!

                    Everybody request is taken as premium to us to solve it!

We allow everybody to join us & help us improve! If you work hard, we'll give you reward as Daily Trophies, Admin Post, Identity in our club. 

                          Cheaters are not allowed at all cost!

 We have Jobs to be taken on. 


                  We are a peaceful community which offer you fun & pleasure!

                                       Please join us & have fun!