24 de out. de 2008
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Apr 7, 2010
you spelt awesomeness wrong. theres an e there.... :/ tut tut... lol
Feb 21, 2009
Does this group need a tournament director?
Oct 24, 2008
Hi! I'm new!
Game creation

Game creation

Eagle_one | 24 de out. de 2008
Hello, and welcome to Awsomeness news! This is all the news, you need to know about. As you know, this group was just now founded by Eagle_one. I will try to update the news ASAP, but I only get on every once in a while. After I have at least 5 members in the group, I will begin vote chess, which I have never played before. I hope the group wins a lot of games. LONG LIVE AWSOMENESS!!!!