Burlington Ambush Chess Club

Smitty's Ice Cream Shop, Burlington NC
9 de feb. de 2013
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hai 14 días
It is two games per person (switching colors) at G/10 +5.
hai 14 días
@JCRchess, YES. at 1 PM our time. You need to log in and click the link and click the join button about 10 minutes before 1 PM. After that the computer makes pairings and starts the matches. The link is https://www.chess.com/play/match/1398169
hai 15 días
Live match with Warwick on Saturday 9/10 !?
Jun 17, 2020
May 6, 2020
Our round 3 2020 match will be Wednesday May 6 at 6:30 PM vs one of the New Orleans Louisiana teams Morphy's Minions A. Use this link to join or follow the match https://www.chess.com/live#tm=10565
2020 World Online Chess Tournament Rd 4 Burlington vs Belize

2020 World Online Chess Tournament Rd 4 Burlington vs B...

spockmscs | 11 de maio de 2020
Our  round 4 match is with the team from Belize. The time is 2 PM our time today Monday May 11. Think match link is https://www.chess.com/live#tm=10947 Charles