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Rating Range from 0 - <2999

This Tournament Club has been painstakingly created by @Hilddea so we can have Gifted Tournaments and spread Goodwill together.

judges at our events in all clubs: @Thalapathy_64

Chief Referee / Judges / Tournament organizers:

@Hilddea, @MainframeSupertasker

"Top gifter's Gifted Event Club"  is a property of the No.1 Top Gifter on Chess.com's @Hilddea (Philanthropist, Chess.com Clubland Boss and Nice Guy). This establishment is unashamedly an exclusive preserve for the purpose of friendship and leisure. Membership is a true honour and is only available by click on join button (Please do not apply to join as rejection can often offend). Security is tight and chess boards are banned and we play only daily tournaments.


Join this wonderful Gifted and non Gifted Tournament club and get a chance to get free memberships from our club owner @Hilddea ! 😀


¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ @Hilddea