Friends Uniting Against Mental Illness Chess Club

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20 de xul. de 2020
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Welcome to the Friends Uniting against Mental Illness Chess Club.

Mental Health affects millions of people worldwide and our goal is to spread as much positivity as possible to ensure that when someone is feeling down, they reach out to a friend, family member, counselor, online service, or whatever support channel they have available to them.

Mental Health is our main focus but we are also a dynamic chess club focused on competitive Daily Matches, Vote Chess i.a.

Our club provides a nurturing environment where individuals can come together, exchange ideas, and challenge each other to reach new heights.

We welcome anyone who wants to support us but due to the very nature of Mental Health issues, we do have to have some safeguards in place such as needing to be a member of the site for at least 3 months before you can join and must have completed at least 10 rated daily games (not live).

Members must play a Minimum of 1 Daily Match, Vote Chess Match with active participation, or a post in the forum per month.

We hope you understand and accept this.