Greater Philadelphia Chess Club

Philadelphia, PA
9 de abr. de 2020
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hai 10 días
Anyone want to play around Fishtown?
hai 20 días
Interested in playing chess in south philly.
hai 24 días
Hey Philly, I am relatively new to chess, roughly a 600-700 and looking to meet and play on the weekends in person. Friend me if you are looking to spend a few hours on the weekends playing in person. Please add me as a friend if so.
Jan 22, 2023
Hey, is there anywhere in the city where I can play chess and learn from everyone?
Jan 11, 2023
Weekly 30/10 tournaments

Weekly 30/10 tournaments

FireAndIce | 4 de nov. de 2020
Just a reminder: WCCC has a Swiss every Thursday at 7:30PM. Tri State has one every Tuesday at 7:35PM. This week on Saturday (10/7) Tri State is have a 3 round 30/10 Swiss at 9:30AM To join these clubs, go to:
Weekly Swiss by Tri State Chess Club

Weekly Swiss by Tri State Chess Club

FireAndIce | 18 de ago. de 2020
If you like to play 30/10 games, the Tri State Chess Club runs a three round 30/10 swiss every Tuesday at 7:35.  Just join the Tri State Chess club to play!
Tri State Chess Tournament tonight

Tri State Chess Tournament tonight

FireAndIce | 4 de maio de 2020
Greetings.  The Tri State Chess Club of Ridley Park, PA would like to invite you to our online Monday night chess tournament on  We hope you will come both tonight and every Monday night!  The tournament begins at 7:32 tonight and is 30 minutes with a 10 second increment. You will need to first join our club before joining the tournament. The link to our club is  Or click Connect, Clubs, and search for "Tri State Chess Clu...
About our club

About our club

FireAndIce | 11 de abr. de 2020
Greetings fellow chess players.  We’ve set up the Greater Philly Chess Club on for players in the greater Philly area of Pennsylvania, Delaware and nearby parts of New Jersey and Maryland.  We plan to run a variety of tournaments on a regular basis each week to help replace the weekly chess club meetings and quad tournaments many of us have attended.   We’re working on the tournament plans and will post more news on them shortly. Very likely there will be an every Saturday mornin...